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    My Ride Lyrics [Jeremiah]
    Even if you don't like me, I bet you fall in love with my ride (my ride), my ride, Got girls wanna be wifey, Cause the...
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    Everywhere We Are Lyrics [Jeremiah]
    I thought I told yah... I'm a star You see the ice... You see the cars Flashy lights... Everywhere we are Live the nig...
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    I Like Lyrics [Jeremiah]
    Yeah I 'd like to take the time To love your body, rub your body, kiss and hug your body Girl say ooh ooh ooh I like o...
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    Im A Star Lyrics [Jeremiah]
    i thought i told you im a star you see the ice? you see the cars flashy lights everywhere we are livin life like ther...
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    Raindrops Lyrics [Jeremiah]
    Let me get them Ohh's them Ahh's (x4) Let me get them Ohh's them Ahh's (x3) Then we wake up in the morning we can do ...
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    Birthday Sex Lyrics [Jeremiah]
    It's yo birthday, so I know you want to ri-i-ide out Even if we only go to my-y-y-y house Sip moezzy as we sit upon my...
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    It's My Time ft Jeremiah Lyrics [Fabolous]
    [Faboulous] (Over Hook) The past is the past, you know It's a new day, bro My day, you gotta do it now [Hook] (...
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    Slow Love Divine Lyrics [Jeremiah]
    when it comes to Lola Devine shorty be by my side crusing????? she be shot gun up in my ride.never had a kiss so sweet s...
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    American Ride Lyrics [Toby Keith]
    From album: American Ride
    Winters getting colder, Summer gettin warmer Tidal wave comin cross the mexican border Why buy a gallon it's cheaper by...
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    We Ride Lyrics [Rihanna]
    Ah..... [Chorus:] We ride when we ride we ride It's 'til the day that we die When we ride we ride It's 'til the da...

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