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    Im Tasty Lyrics [Pink Dollaz]
    [JHawk] C-can I get a lick.... JHawk JHawk JHawk Productions I'm tasty, I'm tasty [Cee Cee] I stay on the my c...
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    Lap Dance Lyrics [Pink Dollaz]
    [nilla] rotating my hips you like the way i do it lick my lips sit down don't make a sound imma put my legs over ya lap ...
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    Never Hungry Lyrics [Pink Dollaz]
    [Chorus:] we getn money our pockets never hungry [x3] real real bestfriend we call her young money we getn money our p...
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    Get it Girl ft.Pink Dollaz Lyrics [The Bangz]
    Pullin up smooth lookin somethin' like a car show. Chrome pipes roarin from the Murciealago Hustlin on Heels, yeah ...
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    N.O. Nigga Lyrics [Lil Wayne]
    [Lil Wayne talking] Drought 3, yeahhhh aint shit to say hahahaha bitch oh streis, snack lemme get em You kno we stra...
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    Nigga Wit Money Lyrics [Lil Wayne]
    Hook:] Work On The Kitchen Table Where The Bags At [x3] Work [x2] Imma Nigga Wit Money [x3] And I Don't Lov...
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    Hood Nigga Lyrics [Gorilla Zoe]
    [Verse 1:] All the hoes jockin, beat steady knockin Middle of the stage got the whole club rockin Nigga you can hate b...
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    Street Nigga Lyrics [Gucci Mane]
    Im a street nigga dog everybody kno dat So a hater get smashed bond money on deck Gave my dog half a brick 4 a 73 dunk ...
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    So What Lyrics [Pink]
    Na na na na na na Na na na na na Na na na na na na Na na na na na I guess I just lost my husband I don't know wher...
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    I Don't Believe You Lyrics [Pink]
    From album: Funhouse
    I don't mind it I don't mind at all It's like you're the swing set And I'm the kid that falls It's like the way we fi...

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