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Hey You There Lyrics - Soulja Boy Tell'em


(jim rushing, herb mccullough)

Hey you there in the mirror
I didn't know you had a smile
I've watched the canyons on your face
Grow deeper with the miles
With your heart barely beating
And your spirit black and blue
I was sure that you were headed
For an early waterloo

Hey you there in the mirror
What happened to your frown
That twinkle in those smiling eyes
Is shining like a crown
You must have met somebody
With compassion in her heart
Who looked upon your haggard face
And saw a work of art

Hey you there in the mirror
Well ain't you lookin' proud
And not long ago you harbored thoughts
Of throwin' in the towel
Each day you're feelin' stronger
There's new life in your blood
Why I thought that weathered face
Would look so good in love

Repeat chorus

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