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I Meant to Do My Work Today Lyrics - Carrie Newcomer


I meant to do my work today
So many plans I had made
I’d check the mail, I’d make the calls
Save the world and sweep the hall
Finally get my accounting done
Sort the beans one by one
But I got waylaid by the morning sun
And I got absolutely nothing done

I thought I’d live a louder life
I’d learn a lot and get it right
I’d rent a loft I’d drink all night
I’d be a living archetype
And in a blinding flash of light
I’d see that one great insight
But silence called me deeper still
Like nothing else ever will

I woke to hear an owl nearby
Hunting something large enough to cry
Nature’s always beautiful
The change of season always right
The moon shines cold and true and bright
And sets at dawn without a fight
And yet I could not find a way
To get myself back to sleep last night

I never knew just what it meant
The way you smiled while you dreamt
And why my heart can overflow
And why mistakes can haunt me so
Why nothing ever stops or stays
Dust shimmers in the morning rays
I didn’t do the work that I’d had said
I just wandered through these thoughts instead

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