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you are so dope [12x]
[legacy talking]
i know
i know
new boyz
im dope
im dope
im dope
im dope
im dope
I must be d-o-p-e by the way the girls react
when they see me
they screamin so loud that they voices crack
just like that
she never met a jerk like I
told me that she love it when i sport my tie
with a t shirt on like that is so dope
told her why you actin thirsty get back in yo boat oh bitch
you weary I'm leanin on this dope beat that aint breathin
murdered it
buried under your knees
and I clip that track like I cut a girl weave
i got my SB skinny jeans vest and a top hat
fist so new chris couldnt even rock that
always askin how i get my wealth
cuz im dope and a dealer i sell my self

you are so dope [repeated... repeatedly.]

[ben j talking]
you already know what it is cuz i already know
if your cute raise your hand
[ben j]
ben the thing about ur steeze is its great
cant really argue like speech and debate
grab a honey on the side get a drink and we shake
people say that they fresh so I keep a stale face like no
you know I got bars like soap
and you wonder why i celebrate the trees cuz im dope
got my skinny jeans on fresh shirt matchin hat
and you know how i get more head then a fitted cap
im heavy hittin get up in it in a minute imma get it flip it work it bring it back now you know im really crack
imma stop it then i start to come back
ben j where you from new boyz its a wrap
look bro i dont chase no girls and you wonder why they chase me
cuz my name is earl
i got four, five chicks
and you know they all choke
and they told me lil daddy you so dope

you are so dope [12x]

this beat
this beat
this beat is on fire
we dont need no water
we just let this function jerk
we just let this function jerk
we just let this function jerk
im dope

you are so dope [repeated]

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