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[Verse: Legacy]
You know I feel myself the way I’m just a little fella
Hey low people playin games but still they still ain’t know my level
Ain’t touchin my clothes got stunts in my growth
All these nosey little kids tryna button like Joe
But I put my effin guard up Like this is effin Sparta
The kid is Mr. Scary man he live with every martian
I llive with every martian you solute the master
My shit outta this world like I doo doo'd on Saturn
They like is you tatted? I say no but i`m packing
Put out a sex tape and we'll both be blasted
Get it? yall ain’t hearin the kid My ipod got The Bangz like is wearin wig
They be like Legacy he suck I put my middle finger up like legacy these nuts
Don’t call me out unless I’m gonna get it poppin
If you trna find my swag you better go and build a rocket boy

See I found my swag n put it in the bag
And this shit is so fresh like fresh out the mags
I still got the tax like if I had a wish n I can take it right back
Boy take it right back See I found my swag n put it in the bag
And this shit is so fresh like fresh out the mags
See I found my swag found my swag
See I found my swag this shit is so fresh see I found my swag

[Verse: Ben J]
Let me set the trends up all boys is my plan steez so cold you can call me iceman
No steez bout it cause I think everyone should cop this stop this dawg u should shop at Hot Topic
Skinny Jeans Is too much dog u can’t handle You should flip flop the subject like sandals
My kicks is so bad u snitched on me like random

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