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How Low Can You Go Lyrics - Ludacris

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She can go lower than I ever thought she could
Face down, ass up
The top of yo booty jiggling out yo jeans
Baby pull yo pants up
I like it when I see you do it
Better than I ever seen I done before
A lot of women drop it to the ground
BUT, how low can you go
Lower than yo mama ever seen it in her lifetime
Never would of imagine
Not even in her right mind
Practice in front of the mirror
Now you doin it on the dance floor
Mad cuz I cant get with you
She just show me how to dance
I may not want to get low, so im posted up kinda like a playa do
BUT, if you come to the crib then I might show you girls a thang or 2
Yeah I think you a superstar
With a ass like that you gotta blow
Before you make it big there's just one thing I gotta know


I be like knick knack patty wacky
Oh where my kitty cat, give a dog a bone
How many licks does it take till I get to the center and let a real Nigga take you home
I can make this show stop
As soon as he hear this pop
From ATL-anta and all the way to yo drop
Put the needle on the record
And I make her get lower than a Lamborghini
And if she really get low, ima shoot a video and put it all on tv
Cuz I like that French vanilla and the Carmel
BUT, when it comes to chocolate
I know that very well
Asian persuasion no discrimination
I love how they seem to please us
I wanna taste them butterrican peacans peanut butterscups like resses pieces
Cuz I think you a superstar
With a ass like that you gotta blow
Before you make it big well theres just one thing I gotta know


drop it, hit it, dump it, split it
dont stop get it get it
put it in reverse to back it up
let me put some luda in it
show me what you working with
Ill show you some of this bank roll
Yeah you a superstar
Theres just a thing I gotta know

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