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Waffle House ft. Waka Flocka Lyrics - Travis Porter

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breakfast at the waffle house 20 sausage biscuits
hol on scuse me ma'am what come on a sausage biscuit
20 mo orange juice , 20 mo biscuits
got my team together now that's 20 naked bitches

Strap Verse:
I N T O X I C A T E D i can barely even see
im higher than a plane , drunker than a fuck face
i forgot my name tryna sit up straight
i can't maintain , im DUI
im so fucked up i can barely even drive
1 blunt , 2 blunt , 3 blunt , fo
drank drank drank drank smoke smoke smoke

chorus 1x

Ali Verse:
Oh my god what is goin on
man im drunk and smokin strong , got a nigga super stoned
oh my god this fat bitch look so pretty and she got some big ol titties
and she acting real siddity , like oh my god
I'm parkin on my head my eyes were very red i dont wanna go to bed
oh my god give me steak and cheese
i got like 15 waters so just send me waiter please

chorus 2x

Quez Verse:
Just left the club bout to hit the waffle house
man im drunk as fuck what the hell he talmbout
i said i want a steak and cheese but man i want a waffle now
can't make up my mind i think i want a whoppa now
breakfast at the waffle house 20 sausage biscuit
20 more orange juice and 20 naked bitches
feelin buck 50 man you know i blew dat
sausage biscuit meat and bread no i never knew dat

Waka Flocka Verse:
This ain iHop (nope) this the waffle house (yuh)
know how we rock (flocka) put it in her mouth (becky)
all star meal for my 5 star bitch
the way the girl walk switchin get a nigga rich
michael vick my eggs with cheese yeah i love em scrambled
mad as fuck been in line fo bout 30 minutes
bacon egg and cheese that'll get her on her knees
two words to the waitress
check please


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