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Thee Interlude With Marques Houston Lyrics - Omarion

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Come and get me (she said)
Are you ready (she said)
For this lovin (she said
I jus departed, car started
Shes flexible, I know she wanna
Kill me, Kill me, Play me, Play me, of her love
I'm pulling over

What's this car parked outside
Who the hell is this nigga, jus hopped out his ride?
I jus wanna, I jus wanna know
Cus if it's bad business girl you gotta let me know
Cus I everytime I sleep, I dream about cha
And everytime I think, I think about ya
I don't wanna be in this without cha
Just wouldn't be me, if not without cha,
So let me know girl if your cheatin on me
You gotta let me know who the hell is on me
I jus wanna know if you know me... ahh fuck it I'll jus go outside

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