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Wasted feat Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Birdman Lyrics - Gucci Mane


[snippet of lyrics]
Rockstar lifestyle mite don’t make it
Living life high everyday click wasted
Sippin on purple stuff rolling up stanky
Wake up in the morning ain’t 10 o’clock drinkin
Party party party let’s all get wasted
Shake it for me babygirl do it butt naked
I’m so wasted she so wasted
Tell the bartender send me 20 more cases

my alias is GUCCI MANE my name is RADRIC DAVIS if you take the time to stand their for my shine that time is wasted see i dont got time to waste yes i waste it wit the crew yo girl dont you drop the low and waste this all over my....(go to the bass play me bitch) man im racist,no im not my rims cocashin cus ma smell like jamaicans

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