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Stupid Wild Lyrics - Gucci Mane


(Gucci Mane)
Pop, hit it one more time and nigga you ain't alive
homie you and i, know the trooper
thats between you and i
got some jewelry on me, yeah
stupid jewewlry on me now
if you think you finna shit on gucci
then just show me how
someone dis me yesterday,
what im 'posed to do, go cry?
with my money chasin million dollar mission on the side
just a chicken in my lap
im bout to trust her then i die
im so hood right now
they question whats gettin gucci high?
stupid wild, stupid stupid wild,
homie thats my style
girls fightin,
hoes flexin, man
just to touch my tie
get my squad squad,
i ain't been this hard in a while
blow top off,
i ain't been this hard in a while

stupid wild, stupid stupid wild,
homie thats my style (4x)
every single night im ballin,
sippin on that drank, girls crawlin
mostly every night im countin, countin,
niggas wanna fight but im shootin, shootin
niggas wanna fight but im shootin, shootin
bitches wanna fuck me, mainly
cause i got a catch and im famous
im tryin to hold my head above water, water
stack a million cash i just oughta, oughta
my chain cost a stack cause im gucci,
my wardrobe gucci'd out like im boosting
shine with all this ice
homie shine, shine
wanna hate me?
get a ticket and join the line
(its gucci)

(Lil Wayne)
wilder than a jaguar,
wilin in a jaguar,
please don't play with me
ill put that pistol on your grandpa
i swear im so wild
i think i just may need a zanbar
if she on my team
i bet that bitch know who she playin for
mr. coach carter
or mr. go harder
and i like my kush dry
like a fish with no water
swagger stupid perfect,
i might as well surf it
and if she ain't fucking
she get the voicemail service
tell it like it be,
bitch i do it for the bloods
and every fuckin time i say
"soo woop" its for the bloods
with you just like i love
i do it like i does
and if you wanna fight,
then come on you can fight my guns
weezy man, young money


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