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Southside feat Lil Wayne Lyrics - Birdman


We all from the south, southside
we alright and when we catch an outsider outside
y’all die, ya’ll ride
and when yall see us we be leaning to the south
the southside we alright,
we alright and when we catch an outsider outside
y’all die, ya’ll ride

catch me in the whip, extra with the clip
leaning to the right side
army guns big chips,
buying candy on the strip you know how we get it,
when we coming with the flip cos we running with the flip and the money is a must,
and we don’t trust
guns in the cut, ni–as know wassup,
20 on the slab, 50 in the jag
we coming through the air we hustling through the air,
ordinary ni–a with extraordinary style
swagger to the ceiling hustling gone wild,
hustling with my child, blowing out the pound
come from uptown but now my clips 100 rounds


Came with the swinger, coming through banging
hit another curb, im hustling but i aint hanging
up on the post where the money do come,
got a spot make a hundred the money do run,
back up on the slab in all black paper tags
yeah they be the money in the louie all cash,
back like i swung through, Hummer and Benz coup,
be in 6 and no roof, Rolls Royce and Gucci shoe,
ya dig, ya understand, cash money, young money
bin about big money, get money, bleed money, flip money,
see money spend big faces


Catch me in the neck of my wood, we all good, we all hood,
got the thing taped thats when i come through,
got them paper plates money when we fall through,
brand new china k monster with the sunroof,
cherry with the lumber
birds cheap numbers
thats how we do it stunting every summer,
born breaded soldier, knowing how i roll her,
Kay gave me the game hustling an’ I know ya
always strapped if they coming,
better be strapped cos a hundred we dumping
blowing rocky jewels and we coo,
get outta line so we talking about a shoe,


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