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Interlude With Ludes Lyrics - Them Crooked Vultures


I’ve always been behind you, so I think we should meet. {LaLaLalLa}
I sharpen the lines, so I’m gonna use them ohh Baby Ohh
Gonna smother with my love, forever & ever, and also forever
Acid & poison & chemicals baby, is what I mean to provide
I know Together well make the possible, totally impossible
If you want me alive, and even if you don’t want me
I’m trained and licensed and armed to the teeth
I think you relieved

It’s so hard to apologize, so I’ll just kinda skip it
Sleep deprivation will make you a million
Did u just hear something crazy?
I got my fingers, cross your catch something baby
Cause I just threw myself at you baby

Everyone run and hide, I’m coming to find you
Is my face still bleedin, then what is your problem?
By the skin of my teeth, that’s how I’m gonna drive here
On the good ship Lollygag, LSD and a bloody pile of rags
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am
but I am, but I am

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