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Reptiles Lyrics - Them Crooked Vultures


I tried to make a break
What a fool I should've known
I never listen. I'm in a cage
An animal, I'm in a cage

But the reptiles, they won't let me go
I think they want you to stray

Watch the monkey dance, give them a taste
Look at him, he's always smiling
Help me to escape, your mouth agape
You foreign tourist

Woe is me, it will be a funeral
A circus, I'll rap on the cell door

Questions are a fire that needs feeding to survive
So just you let those flames die down.
Trained by consequence and the lash
It leaves me breathless, their praise is a poison to us all
In the moonlight, their scars flash like jewelry
Get too precious, get locked up in a cage

Want to get, gotta risk, any move
Misconstrued and you're screwed
Tongues flash and flick as if they're screaming

Oh they lie just like a lover
Oh do they, those kisses will burn

Under the lights, they snap a finger
You jump, you answer like a naïve hooker
With a big dumb smile

It's the reptiles
I guess you'll never know
They won't let you go, cause you're
The soup du jour, that's for sure

Questions are a fire that needs feeding to survive
So just you let those flames die down.
See them repitles crawl? Getting closer
Why won't someone come to drive them away?

Don't rest too long, it's a mistake you can't take back
Take one lying down for a change,
It’s like cleaning up after an orgy when it's over
I wish someone would burn this place to the ground

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