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Wild Girl Lyrics - Rickie Lee Jones


Wild girl, you must have been a terror
When you were young
Your mamma must have let you run,
Let you run free...
But it wasn’t very nice
Eating all that sugar and spice –
What they want a girl to be
And all the things a child learns
On their way from hope to here,
The innocence, the fury, the racism
Rage and fear
I don’t remember – tell me again –
The part no one wants to hear...

Well, that’s so many peoples story,
A lot of heartache but not much glory,
But glory, the truth be told
Tomorrow you are twenty–one years old

I say Happy Birthday tomorrow to you,
Go out and get some glory,
The only game in town.

You can live your life with regret
About the things you think you did wrong,
(A lot of people do)
Or over what some one would not give,
Or you can be grateful
When you open your eyes,
The story you write, you live

Well it’s hard to be older and poor
I don’t dig it that much anymore,
But every day of my life
I’m so proud I became his wife
Because I got to raise Charlotte
And Charlotte’s learning
The only game in town
Wild girl in a red dress
Come on, speak up, say yes
This thing that makes you beautiful
Never comes out of a jar
You are a beautiful girl
Because you reach out
from your beautiful world,
That is the daughter you are

Walk right and the real world knows it
Cuz you bring it back down into the real world
Walk right up the real world knows it
You’ll bring it back down into the real world
Say take me back baby
I just wanna make a dream come true –
I came here to love somebody –
I just want to make my dreams come true...

And I’m trying
Because trying is
The only game,
Live to tell the tale –
The only game in town

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