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Clips And Choppers [feat. Lil' Phat] Lyrics - Lil' Boosie


(lil boosie speaks)

Its choppa city in my neighborhood, south baton rouge nigga!
what, 4's up 4's retarded
long clips in choppers in dis hood where dey dont give a damn!
from da top to da bottom bottom bottom

(verse 1 boosie)
Its choppa city in da ghetto yea we on dat level, flippin and turnin i hope u niggaz bout wateva, 50 or 100 man we'll send you to da devil, i work dis bitch like donkey a last level, every block gotta choppa or two to clear da whole set, dont give a fuck wen its time to bust, from da top to da bottom dey dont give a fuck, nigga get dem choppaz out da closet and cum and hit u up, extended clips rip a hole in yo fuckin stomach, and wen da war over wit dats wen dey really comin, so i take my fuckin money mane i buy em all, cuz my niggaz be in beef summer winter spring and fall, u aint kno its Iraq in da hood aint really no stacks in da hood, dey puttin chopperz in yo face up in south baton rouge (let me get it), cut da barrel make it short dats dat track shit, catch him at da red light...smash shit!

long clips and chopperz in dis hood where dey dont give a damn from da top to da bottom 2009 mane dese niggaz aint playin long clips and choppaz choppaz choppaz choppaz choppaz from da top to da bottom 2009 mane dese niggaz aint playin

(verse 2 lil phat)
remember tryin to snatch a purse in dat south, and now im slangin choppaz wit a hundred round verse in dat south, i aint got no scared aim i aint shootin through no saw, i do walk ups and stand overs put barrels in yo mouth, free my boulavard niggaz bb and dane, still send dem money orders foreal i neva change, mothafuck weed fiens its a uptown thang, foreal i fuck wit cane and ima die behind dis name, you niggaz aint no killaz u niggaz shootin in da air, and since ben gone ill neva play fair, catch you nigga broad day no mask im bare, like fuck a rap career bitch come take dis bloodbath, say boosie on da real i fuck wit you, but fuck dem other niggaz dey aint nothin like dey used to, dey dont boom like we boom, dey dont zoom like we zoom, its a uptown town thang so dey find me in cancun


(verse 3 boosie)
Got my 1st choppa for a bill 50, mane i wish dat bitch was still wit me, as a juvenile i hid it by da club, got at some pussy niggaz and fell in love wit dat yoppa, two legal 223's protect my household, ma-lafa-milya fuck wit dem bitch ima kill ya, yoppaz on deck dawg, you aint gotta respect a real nigga no cuz you cant when ya head off, i told dese niggaz now its time fa me to show dese niggaz, jump out wit four of dem bitches a nigga kno its christmas, dats how it is doe every nigga come up dead dey come and get, it dese niggaz snitchin, real talk i know some niggaz on dat real war, angola bound who gone clown if dey touch down, dis how it is doe dis nigga dead dat nigga dead, get out my hood if you scared!


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