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I'm A Dog [feat. Lil' Phat] Lyrics - Lil' Boosie


I'm a dog (9x), I'm a muthafuckin dog
Make that gangsta shit like set it off
Make that gangsta shit like big money
Smoking on that purple

[Verse 1:]
Lights, camera, action pose
I know I'm looking good for these hoes I'm like
People compare me to Pac so off top I'm like
This gangsta shit don't stop when I drop it's like
That Lil nigga Boosie he ride on chrome
That Lil nigga Boosie he get his shine on
I'm to real for t.v. but now I live on t.v.
Ain't drop an album in 2 years and I'm still on t.v.
I got a swag so retarded like
The girls are like boosie fuck me harder bitch
Niggas say they gone kill me but Boosie like
I knock you out smoke a blunt shoot a movie like
Fuckin right I'm all that
I crack yo fuckin head with a ball bat
I got the streets on lock
I got the hoes pussy wet
After the show I'm like
Next, next next, next, next, next

[Chorus: (2x)]
I'm a muthafuckin dog(I'm a dog)
I make that gangsta shit like set it off(I'm a dog)
I'm bout my money nuthin funny bout my paper chasing movement
Left my show got my doe all bout my cash flow

[Verse 2: ~Lil Phat~]
I'm a muthafuckin dog (I'm a dog)
In the club I make these bitches get off like bow bow bow
If you don't know me now you know me
Fuck the talking nigga you gon have to show me
Is you rollin cause I'm rollin
Is you ready cause I'm ready
Is you scary I ain't scary
Shipped back the casket?
I'm dumb retarted stupid done lost my mind fuckin with Lil Boosie(Badazz)

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