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Y.O.U. Lyrics - Asher Roth


You are not someone else, someone else is someone else, you are you, it is you,

You are you!
slick rick an' asher is on this jam,
slick rick an' asher is on this jam,

you are you! there's nothing that you can do about it, the one thing that i figured out is
You are you! forget it theres no way around it,

No matter what i do to try to fit in,
theres nothing i could do about this body i was given,
i am blonde and i am skinny with my mom's pale skin,
the scottish side and ma fathers shnaze to go with it,(nice nose)
my hair, yeah, i can try an dye it, and contacts could change the colour of my eyes, but, that would only mean that i am lieing, and openly denying, thats not who who i am, i try to be to big for for my bridges, and couldnt,regardless of my ski low wishes, a couple more inches and i would be in buisness, but still im waking up 5'10 every christmas!
my fingerprints is what makes me different, it took a little bit but i could finally admit it, this is my appearence, this is my face, looking in the mirror this is nothing i can change, might be a little strange the way can see my veins, but if we were all the same the world would be plain jane, it would be lame,you would never learn a thing, so go against the grain, and let these people know your name!

You are you!theres nothing that you can do about it, the one thing that ive figured out is
You are you!forget it, theres no way around it x2

slick rick! the ruler!

(Slick Rick Part)unknown?

(Asher Roth)
Besides it all about your mind,
your will and drive and what’s going on inside.
The size of your heart is what sets you apart.
If you aren’t using it, I suggest you start.

Think hard, take a walk around the block.
It’s cool if you’re a nerd or a jock or a prep or a goth
nobody gives a fuck there nothing you can do just stop,

mad props since I linked up with Nottz
still never wear socks always in flip flops.
No chain, no watch, don’t be slinging no rocks,
but my slang be the thing that saving hip hop.

Screw the box go outside the lines.
Just be you, stop with the trying.
And end do time it is true you will find
there is nothing to remember if you never ever lied.

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