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Pim-Pim, yuh tinkin wat mi tinkin
But me ah go fus u fi deh gyal deh
Ah woulda wine pon her,
AAA gyal ah u me wah, fulfil my dream, come wine up on me,
Yah one yah name,
SLOW MOTION, do it from you heart wine wit de motion,
De style wa u give me smooth no lotion,
It make de wave dem ah rise up inna me ocean,
You nuh brace from far you gimme di close one,
And a dat alone make de lovin so strong,
Me wa buy a ring, value thirty thousand,
Ca u fi be mi wife mi fi be yuh husban,
Baby mi love di way u wine,
You put a smile pon mi face ya gyal,
Stick on pon mi body an brace ya gyal,
Mi love when u wine up yuh waist ya gyal,
Baby mi nah go let yuh go,
pim-pim deh pon u case ya gual,
Hold on pon mi body an bracy ya gual,
Mi love when yuh wine up yuh waist ya gual
da one de name de plus two


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