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Now I'm That Bitch ft. Pitbull Lyrics - Livvi Franc

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Mr. 3-0-5
Puttin down with the Queen Livvi
But Im gonna call you Livvi
Pero Mamida why dont you let them know who you are

Hi my name is
You wont remember
Wait till December
Cuz you thought that I was pure as snow
Guess you didnt know
Hold tight, surprise
Open your eyes, its springtime
Flowers blossoming, I am one of them
Bet you like how Ive grown


Cuz now Im that bitch
Youll never get to
Cant get what you want
So youre acting like a punk
You were too fly then
So fly away now
Now Im that bitch
And youre just a clown
Cuz now Im that bitch
Now Im that bitch
Now Im that bitch
And youre just a clown
Now Im that bitch
Now Im that bitch
Now Im that bitch
Yeah look at me now

Why should I even remember
Back when you blamed me
To put it frankly
But now Im back
Im not attracted
And youre not getting none
Cuz Im not for the takin
Im not a bender
Return to sender
Ill laugh at you
Even ask me to
To get with me tonight


You passed me by
Never looked twice
Now Im the chick
You wanna be with
Isnt it so funny now
Im the one to shut you down
Dont worry girls
If he didnt notice you
Soon hell be beggin to

Pitbull Verse:
Oye, mamida..calmate
I feel ya
We all get burned
Those who survive are the ones that learn (learn, learn)
If it dont kill ya, make you stronger
Pero no te ponga como una chonga
Even though I aint gonna lie
It turns me on a little bit when you act like a bitch
Mama I know what you went through was hard
But the biggest bitch is karma, let her do her job (thats right)
Dont even stress these clowns, baby you a queen, heres the crown
Enjoy yourself, you independent now (thats right)
They lose, and you winnin now (Thats right)
Youre a shootin star, now let them know who you are

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