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I am your one true love
My head is filled with doves
By doves I mean your love
And by love I mean you breaking up with me

On a tree
We see
The leaves and they sink too
And by sink I mean they flew
And by flew I mean they fell

We sink, we sink, we sink
It hurts my hand to hold this rope
So I'll let go and let you die

Here we go again
I'm tired and broken
By broken I mean broke
and by broke I mean homeless

I know your coming in the night like a thief
But I had some time alone, to hone my songcrafting technique
I know you think I'm the one who can bust
But I have this illness, we have this illness
that makes us unable to bust.
So do you think we can work out a time?
To let you know it's over

We all got sinking ships
We t-turn our songs into sheep
We all got sinking lips
We t-turn our words into vinnie's
and they're trite.

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