Lyrics : Raekwon Lyrics : Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Vol. 2 Album : Catalina

Catalina Lyrics - Raekwon


I grew up on a foul side
knickel bag vail side
purple tops two for fives
i had seven grams
outside with my eleven mans
on tha corners with a pocket full of contraband's
runnin up and down fire escapes
narks' comin
jump in the window let your nikes fly
hide the flakes
cuz up in tha hills it was real to me
what a nigga would a did if you steel from me
all my life around drug niggas
villans who want milions
niggas with them hoodies on with tech's in the buildn
mad feens bags of green gillete razors
fly neighbors eye blazers designer jeans
thats why we live

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