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My Partna Dem Lyrics - Rich Kids


Boulavard (My partna dem)
Hernon holmes (My partna dem)
Sumer hill (My partna dem)
Mechanville(My partna dem)
Thomasville (My partna dem)
U kno pittsburg my (My partna dem partna dem with partna dem)
U kno I fuck with (Partna dem)

Cedar ave (My partna dem)
Adamsville (My partna dem)
Bowen homes(My partna dem)
Simpset (My partna dem)
Ethel ridge (My partna dem)
U kno westside (My partna dem)

This who I fucks with
Rich kids (My partna dem)
Swag team (My partna dem)
Swag commity (My partna dem)
True religion(My partna dem)
Y.r.M(My partna dem)
Rock party (My partna dem)
Seven jean (My partna dem)
Ain't jean (My partna dem)
Plaid jean (My partna dem)
Joe jean (My partna dem)
Loui gucci (My partna dem)
Ben fram (My partna dem)
Center hill (My partna dem)
Cedar ave(My partna dem)
Bankhead (My partna dem)
U kno my pocket gwapin dem

A b g (Partna dem)
Y r c (Partna dem)
Yung stacks (Partna dem)
Y m m (Partna dem)
30 deep (Partna dem)
M b c (Partna dem)
C r g (Partna dem)

Ya kno I fuck with partna dem
Man I be blowin racks I prefer to throwin stacks
In da mall I be ballin ya bitch that's where I'm at
They say who da hell is dem man dats ma partna dem
I ain't see dem with no money dat is broke shotty dem(he broke!)

Boulevard (My partna dem)
Hernon holmes (My partna dem)
Summer hill (My partna dem)
Mechansville(My partna dem)
Thomasville (My partna dem)
U kno pittsburg (My partna dem)
Rich kid shawty
Rich kid shawty

Ok I fuk around with {My partna dem}
Blowed it down with {My partna dem}
Roll around with {My partna dem}
Strapped down with {My partna dem}
Servin sacks with {My partna dem}
Make stacks with {My partna dem}
Major cap with {My partna dem}
80 rats with {My partna dem}

Move to work from colli college park with {My partna dem}
Can't leave out yo house you might get robbed by {My partna dem}
My plug bought alot of em
So we bought alot of em
Big guns we be poppin dem
Rich kids dey {My partna dem}

Travis barker {My partna dem}
Jonny knox{My partna dem}
Kevin ruth {My partna dem}
Side coops {My partna dem}
Guitars {My partna dem}
Rockstars {My partna dem}
Y g c {My partna dem}
U kno Y 3{My partna dem}
hapeville ave mcdaniel street The whole zone 3(My partna dem)
Swaggalicious {My partna dem}
LRK {My partna dem}
Ya kno detrey {My partna dem}
You kno big zay {My partna dem}
You kno I turn up from da bottom to da top for dem

Cedar ave(My partna dem)
Adamsville (My partna dem)
Bowen homes(My partna dem)
Simpset (My partna dem)
Ethel ridge (My partna dem)
U kno westside (My partna dem)

Ok once you start no stoppin him
Can stop dem from jockin him
Brightlin b da watch for him
Jupitor we spotted him
Old schools {My partna dem}
New schools dey got alot of dem
Maserati new ferraris all o dem {My partna dem}
30 inches tall as dem
Deep dishes like pizza rims
Diamond cole like keyshia dem
wrist frozed like freeze and dem

Kc marley murry mel mel dey believe in him
Everyday we wat steak and shrimp
Because Benny hunnah my partna dem

dro(my partna dem)
ralph lauren shawty im horsin dem
all da mink all da gata yu im fiina rolls royce in dem
kendal court my partna gone
glad dey bulit of carver homes
dat da broad by mechanicsville
in da ashton martin wit da new perry rome
fuk wit da rich kids nigga dats my click
we'll find yu a spot to get buried on.
ice cream whip 31 flavors baskin robbins gettin my dairy on.
my partna my partna young dro young dro young dro (baow baow)

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