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Black Magic Ft Drake Lyrics - JD Era

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JD Era (verse 1):

Look nigga i can murder anything,retro,techno, electro, slow flow, fast flow, hottest in the metro,
i speat hurricanes copy that like an echo, on my flo rida shit tell'in everyone to get low,
respect me or die thats the stance that im takin,
a prince but a story is a legend in the making,
cause few niggas spit it with the temperature of satan
on my betty crocker shit you can say a nigga cakin, waitin,
Summer opportunity escaping right through the cracks of a sticky situation
my balls reach stars tell these niggas who they facing,
who the fuck i gotta battle four or five might rating,
the upper echalon,top of the todem you lookin at the best,
Tell these magazine to quote em,
this next bars for haters you still don't know 'em,
I dont got enough room, so get the fuck off my scrotum ,
go for the gusto,built for the hustle,mix-tape murderer still dont gotta adjust though,
trynna be a mogol like J-paparazzo,
the floor has warm machines made for hercules muscle,
nervous you should be, born with hobby,could be a legend hah how biblical i could be,
you cant be,find your X's once you find your panties, its Black market ATL if you fucking who with the famly, Nigga...

Drake(verse 2):

No more ask less, all verses get dummied like crash tests
I say your favorite rappers subpar at best
These whack niggas couldn't find me with an address
Yes, guess who's back at it? Stage an intervention it's apparent im an addict
Ballin isn't my hobby it's more like a habit
These niggas actin like everyday is a sabbath
My life move faster then a leopard sprint, round the world got a lot of spots like leopard print
And im fresh like peppermint, always claim toronto most of them are scared to represent
Cause success we've never had it, many came close but never managed to grab it
it must be an oman, the curse so tragic, till they give me a grammy...
then poof... black magic

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