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I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site of Odin Lyrics - Dethklok


You Investigate the murder
At The Gates Of Gods

I Tamper With The Evidence
At Odin's Murder Site

I Can Swim Through Time
I Can't Be Killed
I have No Way To Die

You Will Hunt Through Life
The Pyshics Of This World
Can't Stop My Crime

Draw Your Sword
I'll Meet You At The Battle Rock

Space Will See Me Through
I Can't Be Killed
I Have No Way To Die

Spheres Within This Range
Will Be My Path Energy Ignites

Ultra-Violent Porthole
Fasten Straps
Helmet Frigid Wormhole

Déjà Vu
Mammoth View
Time Will Twist Your Soul

You Spin
Your Blood Goes Thin
Your Marrow Burns
Your Veins Begin To Burst

The Speed It Hurts And Hurts
And Strains Your Brain
As You Spin Forth Through Time

You Meet Yourself One Brief Moment
In An Eclipse And Watch You Die

Your Guts Explode As You Erode
You Broke The Code The Riddles Solved
You Made The Trip
You Have Evolved
You're The Eclipse
You Are A God

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