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[ Gucci Mane:]
I cut mo girls than wolverine I puts 6's on my bat mobile spider man diamond chain red blue colors same color the rims. Gucci mane the martian marshal artist i am a mutant dear let's just say I'm captain planet your only a planetier cat women smurfet sherum said I'm a hero the way I slang a dime mane they should call me iron mane dark man donk leaned up. where the weed man spongebob part time job rakein leaves man. robo cop uzi bat girl choosin wonder woman bracelet made the crowd stop booing flint stone jewelery box same color as wilma you don't wanna sign the choppa but I dnt wanna kill ya I think I lost my mojo beefin with dr. evil elroy jetson lambrogina park I think I lost my mojo beefin with dr. evil elroy jetson lambogina park workin at libro.

[J Futuristic:]
its mr. Futureristic im the oracle of the matrix people call me neo cause the kid so amazing sub-zero diamonds that will freeze the whole nation green diamond kriptonite my ice game crazy... a loft up on my wrist a beach house up on my neck ... maserati pinky ring my swagg on flex.. For you cats tryin to test you betta know ya blood diamonds... goons put ya somewhere where ya momma can't find ya... I'm a big dog hear when me when I holla WOOF... maserati portrait porsche smashing comin through...They first name last can't forget goof troop... brick squad 1017 big dog salute.

Superhero, jewelry box ,wonder woman, bracelet he man watch on ,pinky ring matix ,ear ring bat man blk and white diamond ,necklace cyclops vvs shineing.

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