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Better Competition got a savior says he's gonna save who
Come together people tell me what new habit can we choose
We're thinking and we're trying yeah we're truthful then we're lying I' m sure you know
We're quiet then we're loud we're hopeful then we doubt I'm sure it shows

chorus: Do we get a second chance to these answers that we lack or are we guided by the hope of some brilliant flash tell me tell me how long will this sobriety last
Who's understanding yeah understanding to the ways the means of our own self we got the sex the dreams with nothing else
Who's understanding yeah understanding to the right the wrong of our own self we got the look the pose with nothing else

Dancing to the rhythm from the knowledge of a hard drive spin
Looking for the formula that always will save us in the end
We're creeping and we're crawling yeah we're pushing then we're stalling have you felt
we're open then we're closing yeah we're hiding then we're showing can you tell

repeat chorus
Do we understand do we understand all the words we've said

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