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Worth It Lyrics - Whitney Houston


This is for the lovers holding hands in the car
This is for the lovers, no matter where you are
This is for you (it´s for you…)
This is for you (it´s for you…)

This is for the lovers just getting on their feet
This is for the lovers about 20 years deep
This is for you (it´s for you…)
This is for you (it´s for you…)

It´s a beautiful thing when it`s shared between two
The most beautiful thing about it is that it is so much more than you
There ain´t nothing in the world like being with your lover
Nothing in the world like seeing one another
Happy with the one you need the most

I know somebody´s gonna make love to this song tonight
I know somebody´s out of town and they´re calling home tonight
Let me tell you what they are saying right now
They are saying

It ain´t hard to tell when it´s something real
you can have the world, all you want is them
Even when you´re in the crowd and you spot them from a mile
That´s when you know love is worth it
When it´s going on you never give up
When you´re on the phone you never hang up
Even when you´re feeling down they can always make you smile
That´s when you know love is worth it

Some people feel it, they let it show
Some people miss it, they let it go
Some people doubt it, I´m gonna tell you know
They don´t a thing about it, that´s why they doubt it

Some people give it, some people take it
Some people try to but they can´t make it
That´s why when it´s official you just can´t walk away
And you can trust me when I say

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