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Need to move I need to breathe
Shake the things that pull on me
Holdin' me down
Slowin' me down
I need to run I need to fly
Let go of the thiings that I
I'm holdin' onto
Maybe I need to
Just open up my eyes so I can see
What's always been there right in front of me

Which one will I take
In this world wide open
This world wide open
Which one will I make
In this world wide open
This world wide open

Every day is an open page
A brand new start a fresh clean slate
Given to me
Now it's up to me
Find my best to lose my worst
I try to heal the things I hurt
But I don't mean to
I know I need to
Make my mistakes and leave them in the past
Make the most of every chance I have


I'm gunna grab it by both handles and drink
As it's spilling over me
As it's spilling over me


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