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The Only Place That I Call Home Lyrics - Justin Moore

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I was baptized at the baptist church.
My old man taught me 'bout a hard days work.
I learned how to love and learned how to fight.
It's where we keep our cash in a dresser drawer.
Underneath the .44
If we do ya wrong we damn sure make it right.

It's the only place that I call home.
No matter where in this country i might roam.
It's where the corn grows tall and the moonshine still flows.
It's the only place that I call home.

A word is good on a handshake.
Preacher still talks about a judgement day.
People gonna stop when a funeral passes by.
We say yes sir and say yes ma'am.
Answer the call from Uncle Sam.
Hit a bully in the nose, if he crosses the line.


My roots are buried deep in this little town.
One of these days it's where they'll put me in the ground.


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