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Run In You Lyrics - Stryper


(Verse 1)

If I see You standing, one hundred stars away
It feels as though You're touching me
If I am landing, with a stormy night delay
It’s You I want, it’s You I need

When I’m lost I close my eyes
And suddenly I’m home


I just wanna run in You
I just wanna hide in You
I just wanna come to You
And not thirst anymore
I just wanna walk with You
I just wanna ride with You
I just wanna talk to You
And not thirst anymore

(Verse 2)

I feel demanding, I know I’m selfish too
I often live in my own world
I’ve been commanding, it’s my way or we’re through
If I am sand, you are the pearl

When I’m found I open my eyes
And it’s You I see


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