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Man Overboard Lyrics - Ian Hunter


I shiver and shake, every morning I wake to the roar of the trains overhead
I got a newspaper floor, a towel for a door and there's things crawling 'round in my bed
The facilities are free at the ship hostelry for the football supporters appear
Am I'm losing my mind in the great left behind
I got to get myself out of here

Man Overboard, waves washing over me
Hard times, it's a perilous sea
I'll never learn
Anyone can tell you where you can find me
Drunk and disorderly

There's rain on the ground and I can see upside down
Streetlamps and the repossessed homes
They say crime doesn't pay, well take a walk down my way
And I'm stuck here with nowhere to go
Out on the street with all the other deadbeats, wasting away with the years
Their ships going down on the wrong side of town
And I gotta get my ass out of here

Man Overboard, waves washing over me
Sometimes it's a treacherous sea
Walls spinning around the anger that's hidden deep inside of me
Drunk and disorderly

Reality this, reality that
I been there once and I ain't going back
They squeezed me 'till I came apart at the seams
Now I'd rather dream drunk and disorderly dreams

They got lasers that zap, they got cures for the clap
you can see your insides on TV
They got all kinds of pills for all kinds of ills
But they ain't found a cure yet for me
Out on the street where the cigarettes meet, abandon hope all who live here
There ain't no medicine for the state that I'm in
And I gotta get myself outta here

Man Overboard, waves washing over me
Sometimes it's a perilous sea
I'll never learn the 12 steps to heaven, they never work for me
Drunk and disorderly

Man Overboard, straight in the deep end baby
Sometimes it's a treacherous sea
If I'm going down it can't hurt any more than what you did to me
Drunk and disorderly

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