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Lil' Wayne: Aye, Aye Fe I saw this girl the other day she gave me her number right you think I should call her
Fe: You betta nigga
Lil' Wayne: I think I should call her
Fe: you betta nigga
Lil' Wayne: You think I should call her
Fe: Betta nigga
Lil' Wayne: I should call her
Fe: betta
Lil' Wayne: When I call her imma be like aye or should I be like darling or should I call her beautiful somthin nice ya know that sweet shit or should I be like bitch bout miss, miss, miss ok...

Miss. Butter peacan Caramel southernbell
She hotter then a summer day in hell
Im under her spell she say her name was Shantel she said she gotta man I can't tell
Because when we be rockin we get it poppin like an amstel like
Rite up in the hotel
Maybe the stairwell
She blows kisses to my handheld
Shes an Angel her name should be Angle
Im blessed I kill her with the rich man smell
She got a wet man holdin you mans fell
Whoa I slipped in the ink well I saw jellyfish and seashells
No further details I love the smell of a female and your one hell of a female
Im tellin ya female get in the CL and let it be sweet sailin and late night emailin
Oh fe she feel me
I thinks he feel me she feel me


Ok I called her on the late night
It was late right i was on her ass like some break lights
But I aint stop for the red lights
We get it poppin till the blue and red lights come knockin
Neighbors keep trippin
We keep fuckin
Sex revolution baby im comin to the down the hall way that leads to your tummy
Mommy Imma keep pumpin to you scream young money
And me and your boyfriend not the same I goes down like a stock excahnge and then I bring it up
Excuse me I drink it up I leave you soak in wet from your ankle up shucks!

Im too much
Im too much
Baby girl you can call me slut
You can call me a slut baby
Ill be yo slut baby
Im too much
Young money muthafucka!
We about to rule the world
But if not we about to rule the girls (alright)

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