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Swizzy (Remix) Lyrics - Lil Wayne


[Lil Wayne (swizzy)]
Voo voo shay ay vay wa bitchez (showtime)
/R.Kelly/(re re re remix) [x4]
(You know what time it is right)

[Swiss beats:]
Chilling in my beama

[Lil Wayne:]
Sitting in me phantom

[Swiss beats:]
Listening to ether

[Lil Wayne:]
Listenin to the anthem

Weezy da bad man one man band man
Your girl wit me cell phone she don ansa
He so sweet make her wanna lick the rapper (this is the remix)
So I let her lick the rapper
She take care of me
And the homeboyz after
Jumpoff jumpoff the girl is a jumpoff
I let er snort a mountain
And she jus jumped off
Jumpoff jumpoff you know she a jumpoff
Pull my dick out and watch her jump on jumpoff
You make it so hard when sound so basic
Chevy grill lookin like a set of new braces
Southside baby
We outside baby
Smoking on this bitch like popeye baby
Vae lo ali sway yea I love ma riches
Bonjour money an jourvour snithes
Now can you tell me how good ma french is?
Voo lay voo voo shay ay wa bitchez

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