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Teach Me How To Jerk Lyrics - The Push


(t-t-teach me how to jerk)20x

Listen when it comes to the jerk we got the position
they see how we push and they leave there circle open
smoother then lotion, call it in oshes
Now tell me if u can jerk in slow motion
Like this now you know that my team sick, all yahll this is the remix
Now watch the team dip you seen the clean kicks
like me ill grantee ill leave your jeans ripped
Pause, Drop, Go, Stop
Let my chain hang (Swang) Gold (watch)
think you so hot but your so not
keep jerking like your trying to boat rockw
we killing your names, i can se yah heard the dude want to be us
buh i can see yah worst, all yah gettin live
cuz we bound first, i just want to see yah e-e -e eat yah jerks

(t-t-teach me how to jerk)

Em Em Em Hi Im Him
hair hang long right up under my grin
we are them guys not conserned about them
Yesir tie my jerk make them lights real dim
And all you other dudes keep it on mute
Pause for the camera imma let em get a view
the ladies always love it when i do waht i do
they be sayin (atay you can jerk so cute)
and so yea i just my chain they tried to grab it
wanna cop my jerk? Go head you can grab it
gotta be nice here we aint really braggin
Stuttin is just natural Jerkin is the habit

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