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C-can I get a lick....

JHawk JHawk JHawk Productions

I'm tasty, I'm tasty

[Cee Cee]
I stay on the my cash, like I stay with such class
I'm not much of ass, but the niggas gimme cash
'Cause my flavor is tropical, lips are phenomenal,
Little dicks gotta go, my swagga is no kinda hoe, yeah,
I'm a cold-hearted chick, I gotta be, especially in this piece of shit
So fuck you, literally, and come and eat my shit
and cut the chitter-chat 'cause you better not miss a lick

Thick bitch, and she answer to Mocha
My pussy stays wet and it's tighter than a chokah
it's real good nigga, I know you wanna taste,
Lay on your back while I cum in your face,
What the fuck do I look like turning down some head?
Nigga, tell me where you want it, or the floor or on the bed
Bust one nut, I ain't done, I got more to come
Pussy so good, and it taste like a honeybun

I'm tasty

Pink Dollazzzzzzz... and we run that shit

I'm tasty

Get it Cammy B

[Cammy B]
Your niggas say I'm tasty, ask, can I get a lick?
Put your tongue down here and make it roll on my clit,
Suck on my shit, with a mouthful of ice,
Put your tongue down here and hit the spot, like it's playin' wit dice
I tell you what, I'mma let you fuck me, open your mouth
But don't get too comfy, he said, "Cammy B, baby, you so sweet,"
Yeah, I know, next round yeah you in for a treat

Just the thought of you fuckin' me,
Made ya lose your mind, instant insanity,
Taste so sweet, scream my 'ame, Nilla so sweet takin' over the game,
Kiss, kiss, on my sweet pussylips, I'm tasty, I wanna do my shit,
I even go both wayssss... pussy wetter than a pool, bitch

I'm tasty
I'm tasty

Say hoe, it's Reese, trick
Bad brown-skin chick all over your dick,
Cumming on niggas, I have no shame, no love, no time for you fuckin' lames,
Receive ya head, from a bitch with a master tongue, now kick back, and watch
The master cum, yeah, I'm tasty on the beat, wet jolly ranchers rollin'
Down your knee

[Jay Jay]
Ay Jay Jay, better known as a freak, tasty little girl, I get money by the week
Ya nigga gimme head, 'cause he like it bittersweet, put my ass in the air,
And watch it make it go deep, pretty ass face, wanna kiss these lips, show it
On my clit, watch him cum real quick, sex unforgettable, yeah, I work miracles
I'm tasty

I'm tasty
I'm tasty
I'm tasty

I'm tasty....

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