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Suits and Ladders Lyrics - NOFX


I got manicured fingers and toes
I got 4 layers of pee-soaked clothes but I┬'m still condescending
Your as and teeth permanent browned
Your face is permanently frowned and I have everything I want
Your life┬'s gotta really suck
You gotta hustle all day just to make the bucks
To get high enough just to forget about what you┬'ve become
You┬'re the one who lives nowhere
You think you┬'re life┬'s more than a game of suits and ladders
When nothing really matters
You┬'re not just fluous, you┬'re superfluous
You don┬'t actually do anything, a human redundancy

40 year old Macallans, 40 Old English ounces
Henry the IV double shot
I just finished a bottle of Old Crow
I just bought a case of Chateau Margaux, not the 95, the 96
Your house is of corrections
Your house is full of collections of crap you bought from selling others out
You┬'re the one who has nothing
Your life is a game of unstable bladders, when nothing really matters
You woke up today covered in droppings (stock or bird)
When the bottom drops, my life won┬'t change a bit but yours will turn to shit
You are a superfluous man, I am a superfluous man
You┬'re quite a superfluous man, I am a superfluous man

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