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Confess your kiss
Still knocks me off my legs.
The first time I saw you
Was like a punch right through my chest.

I will forever, 'cause you forever be,
My one true broken heart.
Pieces inside of me.
And you forever, baby.

You will, rest your head,
Your strength won't save anything.
When you wake, you will fly away
Holding tight to the legs of all your angles.

Goodbye my love,
Into your blue, blue eyes.
Your blue, blue world.
You're my baby blue.

Come fast I'm not quite
Ready to be left.
Still I know I gave my love all the best.
You give, you give to this I can attest.

You made me, you made me,
You and me forever baby.
You will rest your head.
Your strength won't save me.
And when you wake,
You will fly away
Holding tight to the legs of all your angels.

Goodbye, my love.
Into your blue, blue eyes,
In your blue, blue world.

You and me forever.

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