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Skit Lyrics - Aventura


hello hello
hello who`s this
it`s jhonny marine
yes it is
how you doin
am doin good, am doin good
who am speaking to
don`t worry about this
who`s this
shut up
shut up ?
i don`t get this you call it my phone but you tell me shut up
am sorry
sorry about what ?
who`s this
am just play with you
you know me
i don`here for play any game my friend
who`s this
we from to the same hood
that`s right
from the hood
whe whe..
you are aventura`s manager right
yes i am
oh i like it
jajaja you like that
how you like that
what are you mean
i like no dom
do i?
i like the music
how am help you
who`s this
i got some questions
ok go ahead
yeah am thinking about that
do you call me,
and you a question but you don`t rememeber
why you so gruff
am, am not even it
que te pasa gato
you call it me a cat ?
not cat
you know from the hood
am from the hood yeah but
how am help you
you know t like cat
ok ok
tranquilo pecaito
that what i mean
first you call me a cat now a fish
no, no a cat it`s from the hood
pecaito it`s you are like fish
you calling me for what
be clear
but why gruff
how gave you my number?
he you wanna know right
i don`t undersatnd you don`t got better to do
you wanna how give me a number
how gave you my number?
i don`t belive i ever hear that in years
if you gonna continue play games
i got some quiestion
ok go ahead
why are this guys gonna retaire
who`s retairen?
nobody it`s retaire
whre you got that from
don`t trick me
nobody it`s even
all right
listen their not retaire
am not tryna trick you
what this to the Last
you mean the name of the album
yes pendejo
jajaj you lucky am a nice guy
pendejo all right
tell me
tell you what ?
why their retaire in the last
nobody it`s retaire men
why the album it`s called the last
it`s call the last for several reason but nobody it`s retaire
that`s all you need to know
give me the reason
why i have to give you the reasons?
firstaible who gave you my number
but i wanna know
listen i don`t hacve time for this

oh my god again
por que me enganchaste
i didn`t hang up
yes you did
no i didn`t
what do you want?
it was the service right
what do you want?
i got a problem
what service you got
listen forget about the service i got
what do you want?
what are you call me a duck
no i said again gato
gato, gato ok
cat cat all right in spanish
all right but listen,
listen honesty speaking with you i don`t have time for gamers
ok so let me at you a question
you been asking me a quiestion for how long now
why aint` put my favorite song in the album
favorite song ? you don`even know what songs rond on the album
chek it out
"thanks you for give me"
jaja that not our song player
ohoh i mean
that my shit
it was a tribute
but is not our song
why is not at the album
is not our song player
you are a hater
hater ?
you call it my phone and you call it me a hater
you don`t give it me information
then you lie
i don`t need give you
firtstible how gave you my number?
you know me am from the hood
yeah yeah we from the hood
what hood you from
don`t worry
have to worry you called my phone
you struff cuz you lying

By Ricardo

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