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I'm The Ish Remix (Ft. JD & Trey Songz) Lyrics - DJ Class

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[Verse 1: DJ Class]
I got these diamonds on my neck got protron in my cup (come on) if you
want come and get it shawty I don't give a fuck see it's Friday night
And I just got paid I then had a hard week now it's time to celebrate see the
dj playin' my shit some of that club music shit
Make your girls wanna freak back up on my dick see it's on tonight tryin' to
leave with something right I'm a grown ass man so shawty you can spend the night

Cause I'm the ish up in this bitch yeah I'm the ish up in this bitch yeah I'm
this bitch up in this bitch I'm the ish up in this bitch

[Verse 2:]
I got a crib down the hill and more right of town
Girl I'm harly ever home cause I'm always out of town is that your girlfriend I
really like her
Her booty fat like your I really like her I know the club was about to close
but it's only 3 o clock
Just hatin yeah they hatin cause I got this thing on lock why the 2 baddest
bitches going home with me

Cause I'm the ish up in this bitch yeah I'm the ish up in this bitch yeah I'm
this bitch up in this bitch I'm the ish up in this bitch

[Verse 3: J.D. & Trey Songz]
Ladies and Gentlemen we got JD Trey Songz up in this bitch you know I
mean ish got deeper hope you got your boots ready you know what I mean
let me say something

See I probably the ish the longest (yup) I don't deal with fake and phonyness
(no) girls treat me like one of the joness (yup)
Give a nigga all type of bonuses (yup) I really don't know who song (no) is
but I head it and jumped right on the ish (yup) and if the shoe fit you better
wear it and I swear is ish be me
Aye Trey

[Verse 4: Trey Songz]
She asked me what my name is (Songz)
Told her I was famous she don't know who Tremaine (you don't know
She must be brainless since the day I came in don't know where them lames
But that ain't no issue better get your boy some tissue miss you where my whistle
Got I your chick she doesn't miss you she gone be with you when she kiss you
You be lickin' on my missile no homo see my logo yo whole show like it's
promo type I had to force it
From now on don't call me bull shit

[Outro: JD]
What are you gone do when 2 names sound the same you don't even know if
I'm say Tremaine Or Jermanie you see what them niggas do to you
It's like 2 twins he might fuck you I might fuck you never know what might
happen it's full of ish

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