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Baby Please Don't Leave Me Lyrics - Buddy Guy


Don't tell me things that I wanna hear
Just to please my ear
Yeah that drives me crazy
Girl, I'm gonna ask you one more time
What's on your mind?
Cause the signals hazy
You're not the kind of girl who laughs at me
When I tell you all the things I wanna be
And that's why I plead
Baby, baby, baby, please don't leave me
Baby, baby, baby, please don't leave me
Baby, baby, baby, please don't leave me out
Oh what would I do
If I couldn't talk to you?
Come on let's go out a while
And find that smile
That you keep on losing
Girl, this world can be so cold
But we'll both grow old
If our words get frozen
I'll be around when you want me
And I'll be quiet when you can't be
I would never leave you lonely
If you'd be my one and only
If you ever had a secret
Yeah you know I could keep it
I gotta sit what can I do
Cause I can't stand the thought -
Of a day without you

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