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Fly In Lyrics - Lil Wayne


{Lil' Wayne talkin}
So they ask me,"Young Boy, what you gonna do the second time around? How you gon comeback?"
I tried told em'
I come back like 32, I jump back like 33
Ughh, hit me
That's nothin'. Dis hea's da Carter two people.
Dis hea's da Carter two people..HEY!
{Li' Wayne rapping}
They call me Mr. Carter, I kiss the daughter
Of the dead's forehead, I killed the father
Spilled the heart of a mildew hater
I will put dem body on chill like glaciers
Gracias, I'm crazy yes. It's obvious.
Goin' against me is atheist
I got my angels on my shoulda' and a quarter of dat angeldust,
I aint sniffin, im just pitchin ya honor
I aint snitchin ya honor
Hate bitch niggas, bitches wit power
Vacate when dat kitchen get hotta
I just sit on da counter,
Open da cabinet, close the cupboard
Put dat jar in da skillet, drop a 4 in the bubbles
I rememba bein young, trynna hustle my dough,
Trynna tell da old junkies dat my crack aint so,
Trynna tell ya fo' ya jump dat my mack aint broke,
You aint trynna see how far that black bat man go, call me pacman, ya ghost is blue
I got my red river rubies and my ocean blue
Jewelery, usually I'm a hooligan for da money, yea I'm eatin but I gotta tapeworm in my tummy, OH!
Make harm and I bomb you in public,
Hit you wit da straight arm, no warnin, nothin
Look it's mornin, no yawnin or nothin
I aint sleepin im up trynna take a nigga lunch
You gon' make a nigga break a nigga fronts
Then shake a nigga shorts, then we takin what we want
I'm so 5-0-4, you gotta kill me hea
If you eva lookin for me, bitch I will be hea,
Cash Money is a Army, Navy Seal me hea
Lotta niggas ran from me, but i still be hea
No chrome on da Continental
Im so fundamental
Crack da phil, crack da roof, and roll up da windows
And my hood love me, they tell me bring it home
That's why I holla Hollygrove on each and every song
You leapin at a dog
A dog wit no bark, just a bite like a old shark
And all you rich niggas know Pa
Im talkin bout stunna
He like, keep ya dough, he got ya hoe
When da sunshines on da king and sets on the prince,
I met the Birdman and I been shinin eva since like THAT!

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