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What Are You Like Lyrics - Indigo Girls


Written by Emily Saliers

Today my mind has drawn a blank.
I canvas you to color this in.
There's no gas left in the tank.
You've always got your engine running.
You've got no whip but the beast lies down.
And feeds upon the rest he's finally found.

What are you like?
My open door revolver.
What are you like?
My go-to problem solver.
You shine a light in the darkest corners of my mind.
What are you like you're that kind.

Cover mirrors with a cloth.
I'm getting superstitious lately.
But you don't ever brush it off.
You uncover me to safety.
And while I'm sitting on this couch, you're up and figuring it out.

The Greek chorus of our little play.
You explain me when I act this way.
And as we go along the unwritten song breaks through.
And it's all about you.

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