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Last night i thought to back when we were in the lac listen to tracks on my back have you seen her (have you seen her) then i told you i want to get between ya.Baby i know you remember that Marvin Gaye and some of that Jodeci so baby come and let me Sing to you while were freakin in between the sheets.

Shorty let me sing 2 ya baby bring it near let me wisper something in your ear Shorty can i sing2 ya cause i know what you like let me bring romance in your life. sing it with me girl da {x22}

Shorty can i ask you one more question do you like it nice and slow? just let me know . cause baby if you do i can have you singing in your Falsetto like uhuhuhuh.I dont see nonthing wrong with bump and grind while i sing 2 you.So baby come on over here and let me put you in the mood.


Every freakin night and every freakin day.I want to freak you baby in every freakin way.Every freakin night and every freakin day i want to freak you girl your body is so freakin tight.every freakin night and every freakin Day .i want to freak you baby in every freakin way.Every freakin day and every freakin night.I want to sing 2 you baby.


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