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We On Fire Lyrics - Da Les


Eyo i swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing else but the truth so help me God(we on fire) for real,a'nt fake sh**t around here(yeah) is all real we in the stu 24-7,365 "you dig" is madness around here "you dig" We all yah got(yeah) 1

verse1(da les)
i was there to be a sharp right,(oooh)
i thought the road was straight.
until i had to make it sharp right
uh i bags on the park pipe
flash on spot right
until i spazed on a song write
yeh these mommys want cash in their thong like(we on fire)
so i ride em in my passengers zone like,(yeah)
this is for my gooney goonies(oooh)
a nigga never move me we all real there aint nothing here looney tuney
this aint a goofy movie, you befunz confuse me(we on fire)
we directorecting y'all actors like George Clooney so keep it tuned on to the 1 and 2 until the,3 and 4 as much more is the tune 2G i got some killer cush, it's in my banky bag
thats why my niggers push cash in that banky bag
its madness around here
we bag shit around here
we get cash for fast around here yeh

F.I.R.E we on fire look at me up in the spot
doing my thing with my new step eyes on me
ah look at me doing my thing with the boys
another spot lights on me
you can hate if you want
or you can look me in the eyes like ooooh

you dudes better shut up now or get shut
coz we dont only get bucks we get buck
you throwing your sex up we get set up
while you throwing your cheques up you get and checked up
yuk, you laying there we aint playing here
hater im too cool too loose aint playing fair, so watch what you saying S you might tell the wrong guy and might start spreadin that
now you praying here begging for life I told you,
I got thugs as my extra eyes I got goons and platoons Wit sum extra guys
yah I need room for my extra size, So I exercise
with man power that's real muscle got a real hustle player so my deals double, from da Rands to the grands 'till tha mills couple I'll be still trouble
And we double now

Chorus X1

verse3(da les;Bongz & Maggz)
ah, we went from decks to cassets to the VCRs
to gettin tagged,gettin played on 'em PVRs
now we paid n we made you can see we stars
you can hate but we's pray 4 the streets these braz
know who we are,
push 2 seat car ,
yeh we be far
from 2 week bus(for real)
this is real talk homy like we flashed on it
this is real talk homy we got bread on it

Chorus X2

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