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And its T.Y.N
hey mum we had to re lyrics your favouroute song init.
i know your loving this. im always here just know that .

hey listen. check. ..!mum your my savior this is your song if i was in the wrong you would say where i belong it was long after my dad left and you stayed strong that's why i waited because you kept going on. i get it from you all my strong abilities you taught me how to clean cook and help communities.i know i have lots of responsibilities as a mr and thank you bless you with two beautiful sisters.
lets start with yourself your so good to me a cheeky little boy that's what town used to be. you my idol my role model my life and my beginning your always there even when i've done some sinning. but don't worry because that's no more remember how packed you were too packed your poor i grown up so much more and i'm more mature and i cant wait till i an you cant work no more

i see you dancing mum . i'm just trying to do you proud

im gonna be always by your side . and remember imma but you the x five. i always see you in it all up in my dreams and it never is dirty cos i always kept it clean and when i was younger the way i was raised it was perfect and every hit that i got yeah i deserved it uh i wanna ease your touch of raise cuz i look back at all them struggling days and i'm like man was i really that cheeky mum i didn't mean to be but everything wasnt like it seemed to be to be me growing up without a father figure thats as mean to see i still cant believe what he done to me it was wrong he was acting like we was the ones to achieve ha nah we werent the ones to achieve he got it twisted cuz hes a prick.

where ever you go
what ever you do
i will always be here for you

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