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You Know What It Is (Ft Young Joc) Lyrics - Gucci Mane

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hahaha yeaaaaaaaah
it gucci i dont mean to laugh
i reall got some thing to say
baby baby baby baby

[Repeated 3x]
Im infacuated with trees,
my need for weed,
my need for speed,
got me buying lamborguies,
my taste in fashion,
got my body covered in g's,
my taste in trappin,
got me sellin kilo's n p's,

im in miami wit a wife beder feelin a breeze,
a wife beder but im unmaried lookin 4 skees,
u say u classy n so diddy I say bitch u a tease,
there aint no class in gucci mane i need a girl thats freaky,
I drinky my rosay out the bottle, aint no glasses for me,
I pour my lil mama champeign she say thank you gucci,
I take her to the gucci shop and she say thank you daddy,
I say baby girl your welcome but its really nothing


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