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Everybody Quiet (Ft Yo Gotti) Lyrics - Gucci Mane

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first i slow da car down
roll the window down
hanging out da car and im gon let off every round
now errbody quite cuzz dey say errbody died

verse 1
they say errbody body quiet
its a homicide
4 niggaz on the blocc and errbody died
say its drug related niggaz ran off wit sum pies
and im da only suspect so they think they was mine
but i aint do dat there iont know nuning bout that
say they got a witness dead men dont talk back
they know i got goons and if they see me get mad
they know dat my goons a light dis bitch like baghdad
ak-47 like astreet nuclear warheads
they come through wit bricks and shit and hit u in yo foehead
living through a day and time where errbody body violent
choppaz hit yo blocc and leave errthang silent


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