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Who the Hell Is This Girl Ft Lil Wayne Lyrics - Jim Jones

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itzz ya boyyy!!
(hook)-who the hell is this girl(this girl)
the clubs are packed but i
gotta get to this girl(this girl)
shes right there but its like shes cross the world(world)
im tryin to approach her why she dancing on that vip sofa then she disappears (repeat)

Wayne Verse)-
She got that long hair,she beaucoup fine
I got that long hair, I let her pull mine
She got them pretty feet, nice smile
She looking at me, with them light browns
We in the backseat, but the chauffer missing
She got them phat cheeks, call her ass Oprah Winfrey
It smells like potpourri, yeah that pussy great
And shawty body shaped, like a figure 8
She bout to get ate 7654321
And I won't stop until she cum
And I just mop her with my tongue
Ooh oh my what a night
Ima wake´╗┐ up in the morning like
Who the hell is this girl?
.....this girl!.....oooooooooooo o yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
who the hell is this girl!........this giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, this giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl..........
who the hell is this girl?......who the hell is this giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl?......
who the hell is this girl?......
birdgirl! ugh young mula baby! this girrrrrrrrl

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