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1st Verse

Is all this rhyming worth it?
The way I rhyme, the crime of the time
The song, the line, so I can shine
The way I rhyme is perfect
Too many fools try and cop my line
Try stop my grind, try flop dis rhyme
I try optimise myself, so I can stop dis crime and advise some help
I’m a man that’s emotional, all my fans; I gotta stay close to you,
Cos without you there’s no me, it’s like without zoots there’s no weed
So I choose to proceed, I buy snouts and draws till there’s no me
But if I pass away today, I know you tried (you tried) to say

(chorus )

i never been the kind to ever let my feelings show, i thought that being strong meant never losing self control. but im stronger now, let go off my pain to hell with my pride, let it fall like rain from my eyes. tonight i wanna cry.

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